This Post Will Deliver A Dose Of Secondhand Embarrassment Like You've Never Experienced

1. This gentleman and his do-it-yourself „Any single females desire a good man textual content me“ T-shirt:

u/TradFeminist / By way of

2. This man’s childhood trauma:

3. This oh so awkward movie star interplay:

u/akarim5847 / By way of

4. This guardian’s story in a tweet that I am not precisely saying did not occur, however…:

u/redmanspeak / By way of

5. And this guardian’s story in a textual content that, yeah, I will go forward and name 100% bull on:

u/trainer400 / By way of

6. This man who truly took off his new shoe (to maintain it 100%) when he proposed:

7. This oh so cringey Fb interplay:

u/ASleepySailor / By way of

8. And this Fb fail that’s nearly as awkward:

u/ddh85 / By way of

9. This one who is aware of what they like (and needs all of us to know too, I assume):

10. This anti-aging video that’s 100% legit:

11. This photograph which makes me glad there wasn’t social media after I was a dateless teenager:

u/HerrKlaus / By way of

12. And this photograph I actually hope is not actual:

u/Adandydance / By way of

13. This one who — large sigh — spent all of their financial savings on the lotto:

14. This one who, wow, must take it down a notch or ten:

u/nerf_squid / By way of

15. And this painful trade with an Uber driver:

driversbreakroom / By way of

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