19 Jokes About Ben Solo Because He's Ridiculous And I Definitely Don't Have A Crush On Him

1. This very foolish shot:

2. This hypocrisy:

3. This godly feeling:

4. This correct depiction:

5. This essential spin-off:

6. This household custom:

7. This understanding:

8. This bold crossover:

9. This knowledgeable meme use:

10. And this OTHER knowledgeable meme use:

11. This A+ pun:

12. This hopeful second:

13. This specific (however correct) photoset:

14. This iconic re-telling:

15. This upset grandpa:

16. This mom’s understanding:

17. This drama king:

18. This excellent response:

19. And lastly, this illustration of completely all of us:

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