15 Dog Posts That Everyone — And I Mean Everyone — Needs To See This Week

Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

1. This candy chonkito’s before-and-after adoptions pics resurfaced once more, so YOU BET I INCLUDED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u/mayaxs / By way of reddit.com

2. This hefty mama did a PLOW:

3. This pupper knocked the digital camera out of his hooman’s hand, and I—:

u/Sykes92 / By way of reddit.com

4. Daisy right here was topped QUEEN 👏 CHONK 👏 OF 👏 THIS👏 HILLTOP!!!!!!! 👏

5. THIS:

6. HE SCOOT BY CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. These Goob Boyes™ supported their Goob Boye™!!! 😭😭😭

8. These canines confirmed off their *fairly* human-like facial options and I’m unsure how one can really feel……..?


10. Brother Nature’s date was very ~alluring~:

11. This Shibe accepted that he’s now however a pillow:

12. This lil‘ golden nug sat in his towel for a disappointing period of time:

13. This cute/HORRIFYING/lovable/NIGHTMARISH photo-op:

14. This 18-YEAR-OLD(!!!) sweetums snuggled her 14-YEAR-OLD(!!!) toy:

u/COMB__THE__DESERT / By way of reddit.com

15. And lastly, HE ATE THE CHEESECAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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